How to ensure maximum RDMA network performance? Watch StarWind video

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    Are you a system administrator or network engineer who wants to build a Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) connection between hosts and get the maximum performance of this connection? We’ll help you to become buddy-buddy with RDMA technology. What is RDMA, how it works, what are its pros and cons, where it can be used, what are its most common implementations, what is needed to use and configure an RDMA connection, how to test it and what problems can be encountered during testing - these are not all aspects raised in the video. The plot thickens: how does StarWind rPerf, all-in-one free Performance Benchmarking Tool, do all this work for you on measuring both latency and bandwidth for RDMA connections between Windows- and Linux-based operating systems? You got to admit it, there are too many questions that need to be answered.

    Watch this video and be on a first-name basis with RDMA technology.