Call for "Unicorn" 3D Designers/Architects

  • I have been talking to a company in Grapevine, TX who is looking to potentially add one or more 3D Designers/Architects to their team sometime in Q2. I don't have much information on the role, but they only wanted me to put out feelers and test the market a little as they aren't ready to add anyone just yet. Here is the info that I do have

    "Graphic Designers with Animation interest and experience. Someone that is looking for the agility of a start-up to fuel their personal growth, that is coachable, moldable, pliable, etc. A mix of right and left brain"

    I'm hoping to get more info on the programs/software they utilize soon, and will post that information as soon as I get it. Again, just putting feelers out at the moment, but I would love to start any preliminary conversation with anyone that might be interested, or even would be willing to share insight on their experiences in a similar role.

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