Report: US Cyber Command took Russian trolls offline during midterms

  • Measures against Internet Research Agency apparently went beyond sliding into DMs.

    In October of 2018, US Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) undertook a campaign to defuse information operations by a Russian operation identified in Justice Department filings as "Project Lakhta" seeking to influence or disrupt elections in the US. As Ars reported at the time, the measures being taken by USCYBERCOM—the military's joint network-defense command, based at Fort Meade, Maryland—included identifying, tracking the activities of, and directly messaging individuals in Russia involved in disinformation operations. But a February 26 report by The Washington Post's Ellen Nakashima indicates that USCYBERCOM's efforts went even further—including an attack on the Internet Research Agency, the organization at the heart of alleged Russian disinformation operations that "basically took the IRA offline," according to an unnamed US official.

  • This is getting lost in the news today with everything else going on. This is incredibly important.