Always backup! Now VMware Horizon View 7.x. configurations! Find out “why”

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    VMware Horizon View is a VMware product that aims to improve the infrastructure of the virtual desktop as well as support bring your own device (BYOD) programs. Most administrators back up virtual desktops, but very few pay enough attention to backing up the Horizon View configurations. At the same time, a backup of a VMware Horizon View environment configuration is a critical part of the work of your virtual desktop infrastructure that guarantees its integrity. Moreover, if you any have problems with a large View Manager configuration that can last from several hours to several days, your Horizon View configurations need a safe harbor badly. So, don’t wait for a second!

    Read the article by Alex Samoylenko, a Virtualization technology professional, to find out about backup and recovery of VMware Horizon View 7.x. configurations at the following link.

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