Ensure a smooth road for incoming traffic with Azure Traffic Manager (ATM)

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    Traffic in the network is similar to the movement of cars on the roads. If there are no traffic lights and a traffic controller or the number of cars is too large, a traffic jam will arise. How about user traffic incoming to your website? The situation is similar. To ensure high availability and high performance, you need an efficient traffic manager. Azure Traffic Manager (ATM) is a DNS-based traffic load balancing subsystem that allows you to distribute traffic between services in all Azure regions optimally, ensuring a high level of availability and responsiveness. Productivity, priority, balance, multitasking - these characteristics fully describe Azure Traffic Manager. Are you still losing valuable time in information packets traffic jams?

    Read the article by Nicolas Prigent, a System Engineer, to find out how to create an Azure Traffic Manager profile and “geo-route” incoming traffic to your website for better performance and availability at the following link.

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