StarWind Storage Gateway for Wasabi: Pay 2,5 less for your cloud backup storage!

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    Missile on site! Three, two, one… Yikes! Your on-premises storage infrastructure has suddenly crashed. What to do? Don’t worry. Use StarWind Storage Gateway for Wasabi to securely integrate your on-premises storage infrastructure and pay 2,5 less then AWS or Azure charges you now for cloud backup storage. StarWind is a virtualization pioneer focused on delivering Software-Defined Storage and HyperConverged Infrastructure solutions and Wasabi is the cloud/object storage provider. Take advantage of the solutions of both companies! Easily deploy Wasabi hot cloud storage as an economical and reliable place for backup and recovery or archival purposes and scale as needed without effort. Simplicity, reliability, and cost-efficiency – that’s all about StarWind Storage Gateway for Wasabi.

    Onwards and upwards! Find out more about StarWind Storage Gateway for Wasabi at the following link.