NoSQL for IT at MangoCon 2019 Topic

  • NoSQL Databases

    Understanding What they Are, How They Are Used, What Are Common Implementations, and How They Impact IT

    Speaker: Scott Alan Miller

    This talk at MangoCon 2019 will look at NoSQL - diving into what it is, why it matters, and how it is used. We will also do a short survey of common types of NoSQL databases such as document, wide column, key value, and graph and look into popular implementations of each. We will certainly talk about common new features in the NoSQL space and why IT will often fall in love with them, and how IT will need to understand and interact with them.

    NoSQL means that IT needs a better understanding of what a database is, how database clusters can work, how data is stored, how systems affect database performance, a broader understanding of data access, security, disaster recovery, and more. NoSQL is most disruptive because it breaks many assumptions that people traditionally hold about how data is stored on our systems.

    Database products such as MongoDB, REDIS, ScyllaDB, Cassandra, DGraph will be discussed.