KBs and Beyond – Exploring the VMware Knowledge Base Site

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    I didn’t realize when I wrote this blog on navigating VMware documentation that it would turn into a series, but it happened. You can find part 2 of the series on customizing VMware documentation here. In this installment (part 3), we will look at an adjacent area. It’s something that was mentioned in one of the previous articles, but we didn’t give quite enough attention to it. Are you ready for a treasure trove of knowledge?

    Think of the last time you needed a knowledge base article (or KB for short) from a vendor. Now narrow that specifically to VMware for a second. It’s likely you did a Google search before searching the KB site (maybe not every time but likely I imagine). Fortunately for us, the web address for VMware KBs has become less messy. They can be found to match the pattern https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/52084, for example, with 52084 being the KB number. If you know the KB number, this makes life easy. But how many people have them memorized? I’d say not many do.

    The full article can be found here.