ScyllaDB 3.0 Released

  • Just got the email announcement. I know that some of us use Scylla like @tonyshowoff @JeremyRichardson @dyasny

    Scylla Open Source 3.0 introduces a rich set of new features for more efficient querying, reduced storage requirements, lower repair times, and better overall database performance. Already the industry’s most performant NoSQL database, Scylla now includes production-ready features beyond the capabilities of Apache Cassandra.

    Scylla Open Source 3.0 includes the following features/enhancements:

    • Materialized Views: Creates a persistent table that is a subset of a base table, using different keys and thus accelerating the search. The view and the base consistencies are managed by Scylla automatically.

    • Global Secondary Indexes (GSI): Allows you to query data through non-primary key columns, minimizing the amount of data retrieved from the database and resulting in faster interactions. GSI is compatible with Apache Cassandra; however, with Scylla the index is cluster-global and search does not depend on the size of the cluster.

    • Allow Filtering: Get more query flexibility by appending queries with ALLOW FILTERING to bypass some Cassandra query restrictions.

    • SSTable 3.0 Compatibility: Now compatible with the latest Apache Cassandra file format, which results in less disk space used and improved performance.

    • Hinted Handoff: Automatically recover intermediate failures by storing up to 3 hours of untransmitted data. Improves consistency and reduces repair time and work.

    • Multi-Partition Scan Improvement: Increases system responsiveness and efficiency by improving locality and caching of range scans.

    • Streaming Improvements: Boost the speed of auto-scaling the cluster as well as replacing faulty nodes.

    Scylla's Blog on the 3.0 Release

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