Q: How to drive storage implementation costs down and performance up? A: Replace aging hardware SAN with a combination of a commodity servers + Software-Defined Storage from StarWind!

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    IT administrators are always confronted with the problem of building innovative, fast, modern, and reliable IT infrastructure that fits the budget and saves resources for future growth. To commence, you should plan, select, re-plan, clarify goals, and so on ad infinitum in a vicious circle. However, the issue of guaranteeing the data safety will always be relevant on the agenda. Choosing a SAN (Storage Area Network) with the iSCSI protocol as one of the possible storage solutions will ensure data security and constant availability. In addition, this approach is cost-effective in terms of maintenance and support.

    Read the article by Michael Rakitin, StarWind Post-Sales Support Team Lead, to find out the best practices of building iSCSI SAN.

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