Windows Server 2019 Azure Network Adapter - Create a VPN connection in one click

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    After rolling out Windows Server 2019 and Windows Admin Center a month ago, Microsoft said that both were designed with ongoing popularity of all-cloud and hybrid-cloud environments in mind. This being said, let’s talk about the new multifunctional Azure Network Adapter! As you know, large workloads require good connections to VMs in Azure. This can be accomplished by using things like Site-to-Site VPN, Azure Express Route, or Point-to-Site VPN. Here, Azure Network Adapter comes into the play, allowing to connect VMs to the Azure Virtual Network just in one (or two) clicks!

    Read the article by Romain Serre, a Senior Consultant, to find out how to configure the Azure Network Adapter and connect your On-Prem physical or virtual server to the Azure Virtual Network.

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