Azure P2S VPN: Configuring a nonstop & secure connection to the virtual network

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    VPN connections provide remote access to the necessary data and you can get information about your company's assets at any time. The connection to Azure virtual networks is possible by configuring two types of VPN, namely Site-To-Site (S2S) and Point-To-Site (P2S). S2S VPN allows you to connect two networks and constantly maintain communication between them. P2S VPN is effective for connecting to a virtual network from a remote location if you have a small number of clients for whom such an access is needed. You’re asking how to establish a secure connection of individual clients running Windows 10 to the Azure Virtual Network?

    Read the article by Nicolas Prigent, System Engineer, to find out how to create a VPN P2S tunnel between your laptop and your Azure Virtual Network hand over first at the link.

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