Veeam + StarWind VTL + BackBlaze B2: Take full advantage of a hybrid cloud backup infrastructure

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    Do you rely solely on your on-site backups? Unfortunately this isn’t an option as it does not guarantee your data is safe & available after a catastrophic or even temporary loss of service affecting your primary “one and only” data center. It is incumbent to provide you with a hybrid cloud backup for ensuring superior disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC), close-to-100% uptime and zero data loss! StarWind Virtual Tape Library (VTL) enables users to back up their virtual machines with Veeam to both on-premises and / or cloud storage. Combination of Veeam, StarWind VTL, and Backblaze B2 cloud storage provides maximum security and rapid recovery when required. Save your time and money!

    Read the article by Roderick Bauer, Content Director for Backblaze, to find out how to achieve economics, instant access, and faster recovery using Veeam, StarWind VTL, and Backblaze B2 cloud storage at the link.

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