Security Theater Expained

  • In IT, security is a hot topic. A really hot topic. If you went by the media, security is what IT and computers are all about. Everyone is a target, everyone is at risk, the sky is falling, and there are hundreds of must buy products that you need or all is lost.

    In the real world, nearly every network is woefully insecure and the actual risks aren't nearly as terrible as people claim. The lack of focused attacks, not a presence of security, is what protects a normal business.

    Security is a topic where it is trivially easy to both invoke an emotional response to nearly anything, and an area technical enough to cause most people to go all glossy eyed and tune out without really understanding risk, protection, etc.

    Because of this, IT security is ripe for security theater - systems that produce a fear, trigger emotional reactions, and products that put on a show of protection that really seem to do something - until you check the statistics and see what they really do.

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