New Site: Windows Security Event ID DB, Error Code Lookups & GeoIP/ThreatIntel

  • We recently launched a new (ad-free) site a bit under the radar that we hope you folks find useful:

    What it offers is:

    • Super convenient way to search and view the complete database of all event IDs from the Windows security event log. I know that other sites already offer this, but we think that our presentation is way better and easier, for example you can easily correlate based on insertion strings and such. It's also not plastered with ads.
    • Extensive database of Windows, Kerberos, NTLM errors. Ever gotten a cryptic hexadecimal error code in an event - chances are you'll find the explanation on our site. Something missing? Let me know.
    • GeoIP & ThreatIntel. To put everything in one place we also added a GeoIP lookup for IP addresses, included two popular threat intel sources.

    Hope you find it useful, feedback is always welcome.

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