Vmware View Admin Console question

  • Hello,

    I built a couple of View Connection servers with version 7.3.2 but I still have one Connection server with version 5.3.4 installed and working.
    When I log in to the administrator console of my old server and go to 'Remote Sessions', I can see which users are logged on through which server, by looking at the column 'Security Gateway'. But when I log into the administrator console of my new server, the same column 'Security Gateway' is empty. The column is there but I cannot see which user is logged on through which server.
    I have checked and compared the settings on both servers and everything looks the same. Is this a version thing?
    I have gone through the release notes for version 7.3.2 and didn't find anything about it.

    I would appreciate it , if anyone can shed some light on it.
    Please let me know if there is any more information I can give.

    Thank you.

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