NVMe over Fabrics is an awesome technology that is going to lead the future of the network storage

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    NVMe...Hey, wait, what about these SATA & SAS SSD drives? Well, NVMe drives will ditch them at some point, you know! Originally, SATA & SAS were designed to connect slower “spinning” hard drive media. Such a hardware interface entails significant overhead in I/O processing and it was never designed for parallelism with all the sockets and cores we get from Intel & AMD these days. NVMe drives are much faster compared SATA & SAS SSDs, they provide the performance you need for your latency dependent applications like databases, on-line stock trading and transactional processing. NVMe solves many of the performance problems associated with legacy storage because it significantly reduces and optimizes the data transfer path as a protocol and adds parallel I/O handling as well. Improved hardware interface and simplified software package specific to NVMe will help to “boost” your HPC workloads and get the first fruits in a short time. Oh, cool, but how (…and why?!?) to bring all those NVMe “bells & whistles” to SMBs & ROBOs? Well, StarWind knows the trick!
    Find out more about StarWind NVMe over Fabrics (NVMf) in the StarWind experts’ talk at the Storage Field Day 17.