What Makes MangoCon Special

  • MangoCon is a unique conference experience, but why?

    MangoCon is a true IT generalist conference for the SMB industry, focusing on state of the art and emerging technology, trends, products, ideas, architecture, and approaches that are applicable to the small and medium business and service provider markets. It is a single track conference, so attendees don't pick and choose which sessions to attend or miss, but rather everyone gets to attend all listed sessions making for a more meaningful opportunity for dialogue as all attendees have a shared session experience to engage around and less time in session logistics. We also recognize that IT is not just about the tech, but also about people and business.

    Our goals with MangoCon are to educate and provide an annual view into what is new, changing, what matters, where IT is going, what the future holds, and more to encourage professional growth and provide tangible decision making and planning advantages to companies sending their staff to attend.


    • Small, peer based attendance
    • SMB focused
    • Highly Technical for IT "doers"
    • Maintain a context of technology for real businesses
    • Single track
    • Curated, rather than vendor-driven, topics

    MangoCon is a conference for IT practictioners across the small and medium business space and not focused on single technologies, products, vendors, approaches, etc. Generalist need knowledge at a higher level in order to make key decisions for the organizations, MangoCon is the conference for IT.

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