Dell customer America? Does it exist? Rant/Question

  • Hi guys,

    About two months ago I probably spent 10 hours of time trying to resolve a shipping issue with Dell/FedEx for one of my customers. A zip code mistake led to some computers/laptops not being delivered. Then FedEx decided to deliver them but Dell thought they were coming back to them so they shipped additional units. You get the idea. A real pain in the ass. I got so fed up because the sales agent I placed the order with didn't return my calls/e-mails and the customer service could barely understand me. They even argued with me. It went something like this:

    "Sir, I can see this item is coming back to Dell...that is why we are shipping a replacement unit."

    "I'm sorry, but it's not being shipped back to you guys. I'm looking right at it. The FedEx tracking information is wrong. The item was successfully delivered. Please do NOT send a replacement unit."

    "Sir I understand. I'm sorry for the inconvenience. I can tell you it is coming back to us. We'll be shipping a replacement unit as soon as possible."

    "No...PLEASE DO NOT DO THAT. IT'S NOT COMING BACK TO YOU. It's RIGHT in front of me. It's been delivered."

    "Oh. My apologies. Thank you for your honesty. I'll cancel the replacement order."

    Three days later replacement package arrives anyways

    I finally called into Dell Pro Support (all the machines ordered were configured with it) and they were able to help me make some ground.

    Cut to now - I've got a another customer that's gone through hell working with Dell customer service to get their order issues resolved. He had 8 monitors shipped to the wrong state (wrong office location) and he also received a damaged monitor at another office location. He descries it as "the worst customer experience" of his life. He's had it trying to resolve it on his own and wants my help.

    Now to the question - is it possible to talk to someone in America to resolve this? Please tell me yes.

  • We always work through xByte. Their whole team is in Florida. We avoid direct interactions, so no idea how to get through to someone.

  • Not sure what you went through and where you are but we have had barely that experience and the ProSupport team is based in the US. Now you can ask for a manager which is something I have needed to do when issues were not resolved or had delays but for the most part it has been great.

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