Windows Admin Center (also known as “WAC”, also known as “Project Honolulu”) for Microsoft Windows Server 2019: Getting Started

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    Less than just a week ago, Microsoft released Windows Server 2019 – the new server OS that many have been waiting so long. And, trying to make user experience even better, Microsoft released a new free utility allowing you to manage the entire production environment from a single web-based console – Windows Admin Center known before as “Project Honolulu”. After some polishing, it became a really cool tool to manage on-prem, cloud, and hybrid environments that integrates with Azure Services. Give it a shot!

    Read the recent article by Vladan Seget, an IT and Virtualization consultant, to learn how to use Windows Admin Center for Windows Server 2019.

  • @oksana

    60 MB install you say.

    0_1539192573282_2018-10-10 20_29_27-Windows Admin Center (also known as “WAC”, also known as “Project Honolulu”) for.png

    Any .net framework past 4.5 is hidden 80 MB install worth of 2 GB of bloat

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