Amplifying Your vCenter Alarms

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    While some people may wake up each morning based on circadian rhythm alone, many of us require an alarm to wake up on time. What does the alarm clock (or alarm app) really do for you? It allows you to set a specific time at which a loud noise will happen. The noise does not just happen for a split second. The noise continues until you press a button to make it stop. The noise will wake the sleeper because it is set to be in close proximity to him / her.

    Let’s break down that scenario further. The alarm’s noise is something you want to happen at a specific time and continue until manually stopped. If you want the alarm to go off at 6 AM, for example, that specific time is a condition (or trigger) that will activate the alarm. Based on the trigger being true (6 AM reached), the alarm activates, and an action is taken. The action in this example is noise. Pressing the button to turn off your alarm is an acknowledgement of the trigger and stops the alarm action from continuing.

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