Add Cluster node issue with SQL 2016 Cluster

  • Hello All,

    I am configuring an SQL 2016 Cluster under Windows 2016 Failover Cluster. During the process of adding node to the existing cluster, I have an issue as the SQL Cluster instance name is not showing.

    During the Windows 2016 Failover Cluster configuration, I had an issue as the domain admins can only validate the cluster, the domain users which are the part of local admin group of both nodes are not able to validate the cluster. While validating the Cluster, it fails with the error
    " Cluster Validation Failed "OpenService 'RemoteRegistry' failed. Access is denied"
    I had created a support ticket in forum and configured as per their suggestion but no luck.

    Details :

    Finally, decided to validate the Failover cluster and install the SQL 2016 cluster under domain admin account.

    New SQL Server failover cluster installation was successful in Node 1. But when login to Node2 for adding the node to the failover cluster , SQL Cluster instance name is not showing.

    Please help to find out the root cause and fix this issue to have a SQL 2016 failover Cluster. We are having SQL2014 failover cluster in the same domain without any Issue. The same GPO's are applied to the new 2016 Nodes


  • Hello All,

    The Issue has been fixed as the reason for RemoteRegistry access Denied is Our Domain environment GPO is configured the RemoteRegistry service to start as automatic but the security setting of that service is configured with no user which cause all users to access deny.

    Configured the GPO is with appropriate permission to the RemoteRegistry service and now all working prefect

    Thanks All

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