Through the Eyes of the Apprentice – Mentoring Advice for the Master

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    Like many nerds out there, I enjoy tech podcasts. Datanauts is one of my favorites and a must listen for the technology professional. A recent episode on masters and mentorship was one of their absolute best, and the career discussions on it can be applied to any field. In this episode, guest Don Jones makes a thought provoking comment: “you can be master and apprentice all at the same time.”

    Think about that for a second. Do you think of yourself as a master? Or do you normally identify more with the apprentice, a mere padawain seeking to learn and master a trade?

    A master is not just a skilled tradesperson but someone skilled and able to teach. The master’s job is to train an apprentice and to help him / her one day become a master. It’s a role taken up to protect and preserve the craft for future generations. Once an apprentice achieves the level of master, there is room for another apprentice to take up the trade. In honor of teacher appreciation week, the following advice for the master encourages a look at the process through the eyes of an apprentice.

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