Searching Public Folders & Shared Mailboxes - Office 365

  • Does anyone know how to get the search function working on Shared Mailboxes and Public Folders in Office 365?

    We're using Outlook 2016.
    One user (User A) has 2 shared mailboxes (User B, User C) as well as Public Folders.
    When User A wants to search for mail within User B's or C's mailbox, no search results come up - only data from UserA's mailbox appears....even when selecting 'Current Folder' after selecting UserB/C's mailbox.

    This is the same behaviour with the Public folders. It seems Office 365 doesnt let you search for content within shared mailboxes or public folders.

    I have tried the steps in here - but no luck!

    Has anyone been able to successfully search these additional folders?

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