Marketing Post About IT Infrastructure

  • Introduction

    You’ve no doubt read countless blog posts or marketing emails that have tried to market you some IT product or solution. Also, you are not a mindless consumer so you have an idea of how these pieces of marketing content work. This is no exception.

    This introduction is the part of the post where I, as a content marketer, try to appeal to your emotions and get you hooked into reading more. I might likely say something like, ‘This week was the official start of the Spring season and we can now look forward to some warm weather, green trees, and outdoor fun!’ You know, something positive that almost anyone can relate to who lives far enough away from the equator.

    The Problem

    This is also the part of the post where I talk about some problem you likely have as an IT professional or IT organization. I might tell you some aspects of IT infrastructure are too complex, or that they are too expensive, or that you spend too much valuable time performing mundane tasks. Any or all of these is likely true to some degree and you would likely want to know more.

    I’d next focus on one of these problem topics in more detail, explaining further how it may be affecting you personally. Let’s say I focus on complexity in infrastructure. I’d probably go with an assumption that you have a VMware virtualized environment with at least some servers and a SAN or NAS appliance. Fairly safe guess, right? Even if you don’t, I’m pretty sure you’ll know what I’m talking about. It is an extremely common IT infrastructure setup so why is it a problem, you may wonder.

    The truth is that you are already aware of the problems, although you may have taken them for granted. Therefore, it is my task to point them out to you. I’ll likely mention that your servers, storage, virtualization, and even disaster recovery solutions may all be from different vendors and as such, you have multiple sets of patches and updates to apply independently, multiple support organizations to work with, multiple maintenance contracts and license renewals to deal with, and lots of chances for these technologies to conflict.

    I might also talk about how difficult it can be to implement and integrate these different vendor solutions, or how the level of integration makes it hard to scale out or scale up. I might appeal to your emotions about how many nights and weekends you lose to work because of system patches and updates or needing to upgrade, replace, or scale out existing infrastructure. The more I talk about it, the more likely you are to realize how these problems may apply to your organization or you personally.

    The Solution

    My favorite part of the post. This is the part where I tell you that there is an answer to your problems and it is our HC3 solution from Scale Computing. But I am not going to do that this time. As true as it might be that HC3 will solve many of your IT infrastructure problems, it is just more effective for you to see it for yourself on a live demo or hear for yourself from one of our customers through a case study or through a personal customer referral.

    While it may be my job to market to you in this kind of format, sometimes it is just easier to let the product, backed by the hard work of our dedicated product, development, and support teams, speak for itself. After all, you don’t want to waste time being marketed to. You just want IT solutions that will make your organization more successful and make you an IT superstar.