A Tale of Two vCenters, VxRail Edition

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    Picture yourself in front of a rack of VxRail appliances. Ah, the bright shine of freshly racked and cabled new gear! The network team has VLANs ready. The operations team has picked out naming conventions for host names and virtual machines. Storage capacity will be more than enough to support growth efforts for the next year. It’s finally time to dive into the hyper-converged infrastructure pool of goodness.

    Before jumping in, consider the tools used for cluster management in the VxRail world. VxRail Manager (a virtual machine within the cluster) is the secret sauce for lifecycle management, and vCenter is the tool for day-to-day operations. But is deploying VxRail really as easy as stepping through the setup wizard and taking a lunch break? It certainly can be, but don’t let vCenter derail the success of your VxRail deployment. This, my friends, is where our tale begins.

    You can read the rest of the story here - http://blog.thenetworknerd.com/2018/03/31/a-tale-of-two-vcenters-vxrail-edition/.