US Considers Requiring Visitors and Immigrants to Reveal Social Media Identities

  • Pretty major step, you may be required to give up account information of some sort for social media before coming to the US. This is not just a major decision in general, but also poses a massive technical challenge as defining anything of this nature and scope could be effectively impossible. The move would almost certainly have to focus only on a few select identities or the average person may have to submit impossibly large and untracked amounts of information.

  • I easily have a few thousand social media identities. I couldn't even begin to tell you what they all are. For example, long before StackExchange or 🌶 I was the top poster on some IT community that I couldn't possibly remember the name of. Am I supposed to track down that product, that identity and divulge it? How? This isn't information that normal people have access to.

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