Gigabyte Announces 64 Core Cavium Workstation

  • Gigabyte has announced their new 32 - 64 core ThunderXStation workstation built on one or two Cavium ThunderX2 SoCs. This is one seriously interesting workstation. Cavium ThunderX2 processors are 32 core ARMv8. The ThunderXStation is already available in the US.

    This is a 4U tower with up to 16 DDR4 memory channels and an NVidia GeForce GT 710 GPU. The workstation even has an Aspeed AST2500 controller, just like enterprise servers.

    The ThunderXStation ships by default with Ubuntu 17.10, but can come optionally with CentOS 7.4 or OpenSuse Linux variants.

    This workstation is really focused heavily on developer support to make it make more readily accessible to develop for similar hardware in the datacenter.