virt-manager qcow2 image

  • I created this qcow2 image, if it helped anyone feel free to use it.

    It nothing major, Also I learned from the course of this more than the reason I made it for, it is just small debian os with blackbox + virt+manager so I can reuse when I want to manage KVM nodes via + cockpit or any other reason you want, instead of recreating it from scratch each time.

    Debian truly is lego building block OS and that is great and good from them.

    Import this in your KVM hypervisor and give it

    • 1 cpu

    • 512 RAM

    • virtio disk driver

    • virtio network driver but make it NAT not bridge mode, otherwise in bridge you wont be able to see your LAN nodes

    • And choose OS as debian stretch

    • CPU better to copy your host model, I hope it does not create issue on your end, if so please tell me perhaps that means I should use CPU model of qemu64 or kvm64, not 100% sure about this option.

    uses 55mb of ram fresh boot.

    DL link (400 mb size):

    I hope it was much more smaller 😔
    You will need to use right click to see the menu of blackbox

    0_1522088375008_2018-03-26 20_07_31-.png