When will we be able to run commands from the console to windows. Powershell anyone?

  • Great job so far guys. The only thing I need before I can run this in production is to run powershell remotely. I recommend going with chocolatey...cmd:> choco upgrade googlechrome for example. That's a chocolatey cmd that will install or upgrade chrome (most enduser common apps are already packaged and maintained) this will take you pretty far for many packages and platforms. Once we can run powershell or administrative commandline (from admin command you can run powershell scripts as well) and bash scripts for linux. You will be production ready for me.

    Happy to beta test for you. System Engineer 25 years experience. Cheers Dudley

  • Thanks.

    That feature was actually in an earlier release, but was pulled back for testing. I'm very hopeful that it comes back very soon.

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