Best Buy and Geek Squad Caught Being Paid to Turn in Customers to FBI

  • File this under "why you don't give a minimum wage bench tech unlimited access to your personal devices" department of security; it doesn't take much for a government branch to hand out some kickbacks for turning in customers for suspected illegal activity. Evidence shows that Geek Squad employees are not casually turning in people when something illegal is found, but have processes for using forensic processes to look for hidden data - which obviously they would as they get paid way more than their salaries are worth for doing so.

    This is, of course, both a violation of Best Buy's agreement with customers; and a violation of the fourth amendment. And, evidence shows, that the requirement for a warrant was also, often, simply ignored.

    Best Buy has a statement that they published that claims the evidence is untrue. But, of course they would. But it has already been determined that Best Buy's statement is false, so likely Best Buy is very much involved in this illegal violation of constitutional rights.