Career guidance Confused

  • Hi all,

    I am currently working as McAfee epo security admin, previously I was working as Infrastructure support - System Admin (windows server in VMware environment with backup exec and McAfee security, firewall and storage management)

    I have knowledge on Windows servers, VMware, Storage basic and in networking too
    Learning R-Data analysis, python and SQL (like hobby free course)
    where am going, where I have to go?

  • @roopankumar

    from the looks of it your doing well, your work is it related to Mcafee Stinger project ? cause i like it.

    since you know how to setup servers in good way, and getting more into SQL why not learn how to make good web business apps, to move any company paper work to digital secure backed up way.

    Virtualize the environment.
    setup good VM servers
    good backup plan
    put some web magic and sql databases and be more into management information systems.

    if you asking about IT titles, we all got weird ones and pretty sure at the end of the day we do 80-90% the same job.

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