real world copier/printer VLAN

  • I have a network I need to secure with device authentication. (802.1x) I'm thinking that copiers and printers won't have a way to install a cert, etc. Do most people just put the printers in their own VLAN and just do MAC filtering? What ports do you typically have to open up between the VLANs to allow printing to work, and this is the real world part, has anyone had any issues with applications like print monitors that would be installed on the secure VLAN being able to access the printers?

    Also has anyone set up an EdgeSwitch to authenticate against a Windows NPS server? I saw a couple guides so I don't think this will be an issue.

  • Traditionally port 9100 is used for printing.

  • Basically I open SNMP for the printer monitoring aspect of it. For Printing just open port 9100.

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