HC3 Move Powered by Double-Take / Carbonite Quick Start Guide

  • For most customers and workloads, HC3 Move is the preferred method to move running, in-use systems onto the HC3 platform minimal downtime. Because HC3 Move uses continuous data replication to synchronize OS, applications and data from running systems onto the HC3 platform, these systems can remain running and in-use right up to the point of "switchover" to HC3 which can be performed at any time. Further, the switchover process is orchestrated to safely shutdown the original workload, sync last minute changes into the target VM and quickly restart the full system on HC3 maintaining it's original name, full software stack and even original IP if desired. Total downtime may be as little as 10 minutes and is generally well under 1 hour.

    Be sure to check HC3 move documentation as sell as the HC3 Support Matrix for the latest on what OS versions are supported by HC3 move... for example desktop OS's and very old versions of windows server may not be supported.