Edmonton Eskimos Choose Scale HC3

  • IT Business Canada has an article on the CFL's Edmonton Eskimos and why they chose to go with a Scale HC3 hyperconverged solution for their business.

    “IT professionals always want to simplify their jobs as much as possible, and this holds true even for IT departments on sports teams. This platform has been a joy to use since we got it and it has removed a lot of the headaches we used to deal with that. It offers hardware redundancy so on crucial game days, if anything goes wrong, I have extra peace of mind knowing that it won’t blow up in front of my eyes,” Woolston says.

    Scale Computing’s Mann expands on this, adding that hyperconverged technology allows IT managers to rest a little easier and also plan for the future.

    “Hyperconverged basically revolutionizes IT architecture and its future-proofed for new trends emerging in the industry because it can be easily and cost-effectively expanded whenever you need more storage. It’s also the best bang for your buck, not just in terms of dollar-to-dollar comparison with other systems, but also in terms of the benefits it offers. It’s integrated and intuitive, reliable, expandable, easy to use, makes disaster recovery a breeze, and has great return on investment,” Mann concludes.