Phone System in Office 365

  • Cloud PBX is now being referred to as Phone System in. So "Phone System In Skype for Business" or "Phone System in Office 365". Now I see "Phone System in Microsoft Teams" which is where everything is heading. So catchy. That aside, I see roadmapped features like parking, external transfers and have worked around features like extensions with Powershell.

    I have seen an uptick in interest on Microsoft Teams recently so I started another 0365 trial account.

    I wanted to see if anyone out there is using Microsoft Teams as their phone system. Its been available for less than 30 days but it appears to be cheaper than the previous Cloud PBX + Skype For Business + PSTN calling cost. Apparently Skype for Business and Cloud PBX features are being rolled into Microsoft Teams for free?

    Here is a screen shot of current features and the 2018 roadmap.

    Anyone using Teams for Calling now?

    0_1514958221436_Teams Calling.PNG

  • Updated Phone System In Office 365 Pricing shows that it still is $8 add-on for Microsoft Teams, plus the $12 add-on for domestic PSTN calling.

    So it is $20/month/user for Phone System and PSTN calling to the US.

    However, the $8 is lower than the previous $12/month/user for Cloud PBX. If you can use Hybrid mode to connect to your own SIP trunking its coming way down.

    0_1514959266185_pricing Phone System In.PNG