2017 Year in Review

  • 2017 was an exciting year here at Scale Computing. It was a year of growth, big announcements, and some overdue recognition. So much happened in 2017, I can’t possibly list it all but here are some of the highlights.

    HC3 Cloud Unity

    Nothing may have been more exciting in 2017 than finally announcing our partnership with Google in September to provide a hyperconverged, hybrid cloud solution unlike any other. Nested virtualization on Google Cloud Platform allowed us to extend the HC3 platform into the cloud and we began this journey into hybrid cloud with the announcement of our HC3 Cloud Unity DRaaS solution.

    HC3 Edge

    If you haven’t yet heard the term ‘edge computing’ then you will be hearing it a lot in the near future. We’ve all figured out by now that Cloud is not the end all solution in IT and that on-prem infrastructure will continue to exist in many forms. Edge computing is when that on-prem infrastructure is needed on a small scale in remote offices, manufacturing facilities, medical facilities, point of sale locations, and many more similar locations. In November, we announced HC3 Edge, a hyperconverged solution that can be customized to fit nearly any edge computing need from IoT devices to micro-datacenters.

    HyperCore Direct

    NVMe is the fastest flash storage out there and we made a big announcement in August for NVMe-based hyperconverged systems called HyperCore Direct that were getting unprecedented performance results. With I/O latency of only 20 microseconds (yes, that is micro, not milliseconds), we were able to show that our efficient SCRIBE storage architecture in our HyperCore operating system was a perfect fit for NVMe. While these incredible speeds are not really needed for most computing use cases – yet – there are existing needs and we anticipate those needs growing rapidly in the near future.

    New Partnerships

    2017 was a big year for new partnerships for Scale Computing. Here are just a handful of the other tech leaders we’ve announced new partnerships within 2017.

    • Google
    • Lenovo
    • APC
    • WinMagic
    • NComputing


    It’s always good to be recognized for technology leadership and 2017 was a year that Scale Computing got some well-deserved recognition through some awards and industry call outs. Here are a few.

    SVC Awards – In November, HC3 was awarded ‘Hyperconverged Solution of the Year’ at the SVC awards in London. This was a great honor and highlighted the great work our EMEA teams have been doing in spreading the hyperconvergence love internationally.
    CRN Top 100 Executives – Our CEO, Jeff Ready, was recognized as one of the top 100 IT executives by CRN. You don’t get a great company without a great leader, so it was very fitting to see Jeff get recognized for his excellent leadership and vision.
    Midmarket Champions – Scale Computing continued its midmarket dominance by winning multiple awards at both the Midmarket Enterprise Summit and Midmarket CIO Forums both in the Spring and Fall of 2017. Repeat winning of awards such as ‘Best Midmarket Strategy’, ‘Best Midmarket Solution: Hardware’, and ‘Best of Show’ over competitors such as HPE Simplivity and Nutanix show just how well HC3 fits in small and midmarket IT.

    New Indianapolis Headquarters Office


    Scale Computing calls Indianapolis its home and this year we upgraded our headquarters with a move to downtown Indy. For those who aren’t in the know when it comes to U.S. geography, Indianapolis is in the heart of the Midwest and the center of a growing technology market we sometimes jokingly call, “Silicon Prairie”. We moved into “The Union”, a renovated office co-located with a number of other growing technology companies. Although we love our new offices, based on the way our market is growing it may only be a short time before we outgrow our new home.

    Well, that is your quick summary of the big announcements in 2017. We look forward to another big year in 2018 with many more announcements to come. From everyone at Scale Computing, we wish you a very Happy New Year!