Am I hitting SATA I/O limits on my home computer?

  • I am running a malwarebytes scan.
    This is what my computer is doing

    and this

    This seems to only happen when malwarebytes scans the folder where steam games are installed.
    When this area is being scanned, The cpu usage goes up to over 50%, Task Manager and Resource Monitor dont report the same data, and Resource Monitor becomes unresponsive for 9 out of every 10 seconds.
    Should i be concerned about a possible upcoming failure or am I maxing out my SSD? Task Manager reports response times sometimes above 4000ms when this happens.
    After the Steam folder is scanned cpu usage goes back to about 10-15%, though the usage graphs still show avg queue depths of 2-3 on avg and diskusage remains at 100%
    edit: I should check event viewer logs.

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