Build true hybrid cloud: “Live Migrate” VMs from on-premises to Azure [ and back! ]

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    Microsoft has extended the Azure functionality with Nested Virtualization support for Dv3 and Ev3 VM sizes recently.

    What you get with StarWind’s help is the ability to create a “stretched” Hyper-V cluster between on-premises and Azure. By configuring Failover Clustering with StarWind Virtual SAN handling distributed shared storage across locations, you achieve the maximum level of availability and redundancy for your mission critical data and applications: you can juggle with your virtual machines and decide where you want to run them: on-site or in Azure. Live Migrate, failover, HA etc.: you can treat your Azure instance as your Hyper-V cluster node.

    Read the full article by Dmytro Malynka, a Solutions Architect at StarWind, to learn more about the Nested Virtualization support in Azure and what StarWind does to bring it to another level.