You work in SMB as IT, ways to do it right!?

  • I'de been involved in a discussion on another thread about SMBs and IT, and wanted to follow up with the thread about good moves SMB IT should make when they're expected to carry the load themselves rather than being allowed to push the bulk of the day-to-day operations over to MSPs, per recommendation by a few others in the community.

    Please discuss. 🙂

  • Quit and move to a sensible company.

  • @scottalanmiller lol, right out of the gate! Although I shouldn't be surprised. 🙂

    I guess I'm posting more for those who want to do right by their employers, even if the employers are dumb and don't understand the issue(s) around IT. Or even for those who aren't forced to handle the droning day-to-day monitoring sort of work and get to operate in more of the company officer who oversees the technical side of the business sort of role perhaps?

    For instance, more and more I'm shifting into that sort of role, where if we were a much larger organization, my title would be much different... but as it is, I am predominantly operating as the company security officer and the head of IT's short and long term planning and implementation. Being in a small org though means that I'm also hands-on involved in the actual acquisition, deployment, and management of the environment as well.

    I do have an MSP that handles much of the everyday, routine monitoring for me, and a subordinate who is basically our on-site bench-tech who handles all the user-support side of things because no MSP wanted to hire and train someone to put on site for us for any less than we could do it ourselves. My boss just prefers to keep folks in-house when able, and in this case, it gave me a chance to pull somebody away from Geek Squad and offer them a legitimate career-starting opportunity.

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