If vSAN Powered The Matrix...

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    After finding out I was approved to attend VMworld this year, I signed up to present a vBrownBag Tech Talk on VMware vSAN. Just a few weeks before the conference, I was lucky to secure an official slot on the agenda for Thursday afternoon.

    The idea for the talk was pretty simple and was inspired based on the talk @scottalanmiller asked me to do at the DFW Mango Meetup a while back. If vSAN powered The Matrix, would we plan it carefully like an enterprise technology rather than trying to run it on whatever hardware is available in the server closet? Is cost really a barrier to people using this technology, or are there ways to save money and still harness the power of VMware vSAN? What are some other pitfalls to be aware of? Watch the video, and see for yourself [VMTN6733U]. I hope you will find it helpful.