Data center report with test cases

  • I am working with our MSP who is managing our data center which has virtualized environment, AD, File Server, storage, backup, firewall, backup, and networking. I've asked them to share the data center test reports to make sure we have everything tested before we go live. Here's what I am expecting from them and I would like to get some feedback if I need to add anything else, please help

    1. Overall network diagram; high level and detailed
    2. All fail-over scenarios tested (firewall, switch, servers etc.) with results
    3. AD fail tests and restore process (with estimated time required for the restoration)
    4. Delete files, AD objects etc and do test restores from backup (using Veeam backup)
    5. Fail VM hosts and test guest machines moving our to next healthy host

  • Include Storage fail over, Storage IOPS report

  • So they are not just managing the datacenter, but the IT as well?

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