LAPS - Using on Remote Laptops?

  • I have been using LAPS on local client computers for about 2 years and have rarely had to access the local admin password but when I have, it worked just fine. I haven't deployed it to remote laptops yet because I was unsure of how it would handle it. I have had a few times where giving out the local admin password would have been beneficial to help a user when troubleshooting lack of available wifi connections or a corrupt user profile issue.

    I would like to expand its use to those remote laptops, where users use a VPN to connect to our corporate network. The potential problem is that some don't use the VPN connection or even their laptop all that much.

    Has anyone had experience with LAPS on remote computers that aren't guaranteed to have communication with DCs for long stretches? How does it handle it?

  • Have not used it, I'm afraid.