Kerberos and Secure Channels

  • Hey everyone,

    I just wanted to get a discussion going regarding one thing that's always puzzled me about Windows Server Administration, and that's Kerberos mismatches breaking Secure Channels between DC's. I understand in theory why this happens, when it definitely will happen, but I've also seen seemingly random occurrences of this.
    I'm currently working on a POSH script to proactively check the Secure Channel status and Replication health between all DCs to minimize the client side impact these breaks can cause. At the moment I'm just needing a reliable way to break the secure channel between DCs in the lab for further testing of the script.
    Our group is not an MSP officially yet so when I'm called it's time to clean up the aftermath, sadly at this moment I'm not day to day monitoring these clients, if I was obviously this would be more straight forward. That being said I'm still looking to improve the end user experience where possible.
    What's your preferred method in dealing with these issues?

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