Trend Micro OfficeScan Renewal Coming Up - Replacements?

    1. Deployment- Deployment to endpoints is mostly good. There are several options, which is good. The bad thing is that none of them involves being able to download a custom built msi specifically for the endpoint group. They give you a number that is associated with your endpoint group that you can either use in a command for the exe or msi or use Orca to modify the properties of the msi.

    When you use this method, the idea is that the endpoint gets moved to the appropriate group in the interface and have the policy applied. In practice, it is slow and clunky. It seems to be close to a 50/50 chance that it will happen automatically. Once the endpoint completes the initial scan, I found that about half the time, it would show up about 15-20 minutes later in the default group and just stay there until I manually moved it to the group that the msi was coded for. I also tried refreshing the config on the endpoint side and it did not have any effect.

    1. I would like the ability for an admin to be able to access the shutdown protection feature without having to login to the web interface and apply a different policy to the endpoint, then refresh the endpoint and shutdown protection.

    Several people here said that they hadn't run into any issues installing software when Webroot was running. I have already encountered at least 4. 3 were routine driver/software updates for ThinkPads that would not install while Webroot was running. The 4th was using PDQ Deploy to push Acrobat Standard DC. My main complaint is that I never got alerted to any problems from Webroot. I only knew that the installations were failing and would only succeed when Webroot was shutdown.

    There are some mentions of password protection in the interface but not in the documentation, as far as I could find when using the search feature. So I don't know if this would solve my issue, because I don't know what it does.

    1. I can't delete sites on my own. I have to call tech support and ask them to do it.

    2. I can't figure out how to delete the deactivated endpoints. I assume that I will also have to call tech support and have them do it.

  • Good points wrx7m
    I also have never figured out how to delete deactivated endpoints. They just sit there. It certainly doesnt seem that it can be done from the web console.

    Also, endpoints will sometimes show up multiple times in the console, one with most recent status update date, others with older 'Last seen' dates.
    server1 Today
    server1 3 weeks ago
    server1 10 days ago
    This uses 3 license seats. I just deactivate the ones with old dates to get it back to 1.
    For installs i just downloaded the installer they give you(i think it is your license#.exe) and install that, then i log into the console and apply policies to the endpoints.

  • @momurda - I will have to keep an eye on the last seen. So far, those reports are accurate on mine, as they are newly-imaged computers that have not been deployed.

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