How Compiler works?

  • How the compilers work @scottalanmiller ?

  • So a compiler is used for certain types of programming languages, not scripting languages. Languages like C, C++, Fortran, COBOL and so forth are compiled languages. With these types of languages you need to write your program as usual and then you run that language through a compiler. The resulting output of a compiler is binary code or an executable that you can run on your computer.

    You see compiled applications all of the time, this is what produces .exe files on Windows or ELF files on Linux. These are very common. This file is just a set of binary instructions for the computer so can still be looked at and you can determine what it does.

    Compiled programs are less portable but can potentially run faster because much of the work of getting them ready for the computer to run is done before hand rather than at run time, like scripting languages do.

  • Everything will be done in Software or by coding ?

  • @lakshmana said in How Compiler works?:

    Everything will be done in Software or by coding ?


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