Intune mobile device management

  • I am trying to find more details on how the whole device enrollment process works, major part that I am not very sure is how to manage a bulk of company owned devices (iPhone) which will be given to the users replacing Blackberry. How does the initial activation happens, and do we still need to use iTunes and if so, on a company owned device what would be the best practices on iTunes account, make a central single iTunes account and use that for all mobile activation or individual accounts for each device?

  • I am not sure specifics of InTune, but the MDM service I use, it sends an email/text message to the device with enrollment link and password then installs a profile to the device.

    If you are wanting to manage purchased apps through the App Store you will need to setup an Apple VPP account to purchase the software through and then you can use your MDM service to assign them to devices.

  • I am not personally an iPhone user for a very long time, but just wondering if we need an iTunes account for any new phone to be first activated and get to the home screen.

  • @ambarishrh No, you do not need an itunes account to get to the home screen when setting up the phone.

  • You have the option to skip that part and "set up later".

  • Thanks and glad to know that i can skip itunes setup. I need to activate around 100 new phones and looking for the most efficient way to set this up and use Microsoft Intunes

  • So apple has a tool called device enrollment program to manage all apple devices, which even include over the air deployment of your mdm agent and conf.

    This i guess an amzing option and is free. Unfortunately our ISP is still in process to register with apple on the dep reseller id as you need these to associate any new devoces you buy so that it automatically comes on the dep portal. This way as soon as it turns on and connect to any network, all configured profiles, wifi policies, mdm agent etc gets installed.

    Now i am trying to find out similar tool that will help me avood going to each phone unpack and install the intune agent!

  • Just found this!

    Youtube Video

  • @ambarishrh said in Intune mobile device management:

    Just found this!

    Youtube Video

    This is mostly a function of DEP, so any MDM that is Apple oriented will be able to do this. You'll want to get a DEP account set up for your organization as soon as you can, then when you purchase them, your reseller should be able to get apple to register them to your ID and it will be zero touch (ideally). We use Jamf here, and it is good, but I haven't done a deep comparison since we selected them.

  • If you have a mac you can use apple device configurator wmby which devoces can be pre cofigured and push apps. Catch is you need to use usb cable and configure phones one by one