Respect Post: Swiss File Knife

  • Hi,

    This post is made to give props to this good project that I stumbled upon by while looking for deduplication tool, I know its always best to do stuff using OS build in tools, and I do this most of the time especially in Linux, but Windows is meant to be used with GUI and thus you need to resort to third party some times.

    So this project is OSS and free, and it seems very close to everything search from VOID tools, but its just command line and
    supports Win/Mac/Linux, while I dont think I will need it for other platforms besides Windows, it seems very powerful paired with SALT.

    So check it out:

    For now I mostly use this functionality:
    sfk dupfind with +del, but first I create report of the duplicates, and save it as text file.

    • It actively developed since :

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