Sodium Support for Linux!

  • Alright everybody, this is a big one. We all know that Linux support is huge and we ARE still working on this but as @scottalanmiller found out we are actively working on this and he has seen some results with our work. Please note that this is still a big focus piece for us and we are still in the process of verifying that things are working but please feel free to try the linux launchers and give them a shot. If they don't work, don't be alarmed it's likely we're simply just ironing bugs still.

    All that being said, have fun and go nuts!

  • Just did a manual install onto openSuse Tumbleweed running on a laptop. Did the component installs using zypper and used the yum script to apply the configurations. Joined right up, no problem.

  • I should add... I set the minion_id manually to the hostname on that install. Just to be clean about it.

  • I know that it seems like a quiet evening here, but we are hard at work behind the scenes. Just wrapping up the work on one new installer and trying to do some polishing on another. @QuixoticJeremy is working on some complexities of key management and orchestration.

  • Since we can't look at system updates tonight while GitLab is down. Or at least not as we normally do, we are talking the time to test some new stuff. We have CentOS 6 in the system now.

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