CloudFlare Does Not Take Patent Trolling Lying Down

  • Blackbird Technologies, an all lawyer patent trolling firm, hit the wrong target with CloudFlare and CF has hit back at them. Not only is CloudFlare happy to "see you in court", but has already reached out to a couple of state governments and hopefully triggered investigations into Blackbird which goes after "nuisance" suits, those that are painful, but easier to pay than to fight. The US legal system, sadly, makes it often worthless to fight even false claims as the cost of fighting is often more than the value of winning and patent trolling generally preys on this concept.

    CloudFlare is putting out prior art bounties to invalidate Blackbird's portfolio. Not just the ones that they are using against CloudFlare, but all of them. In an attempt to reduce Blackbird to bankruptcy without any assets to fall back on as patents, presumably fake ones, are all that they have as they are a non-practicing entity.

  • Banned


    I'm not up for a big company picking on a smaller one in court but in this case....yeah, quite pleased this is happening.

  • Bahahaha! Stick that in ya pipe and smoke it. Good on CF for going the scorched earth approach.

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